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Benefits of Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors in Sutton and the Local Areas

If you need some inspiration to enhance the look of your Sutton home, we recommend adding aluminium bi-fold doors to brighten up your property. At BiFiolds on Demand, we are proud to be one of Surrey’s leading bi-fold door companies, offering a wide range of styles for the perfect bi-fold door installation. What better way is there to embrace a natural, open plan home than to choose environmentally-friendly bi-folding doors for your property?


Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors and Their Advantages


Aluminium bi-fold doors are a popular choice to incorporate into modern interior design at your Sutton home. If you are renovating your property or building an extension, bi-folding doors will promote a welcoming, free-flowing transition between house and garden in your design concept.


• Strength and Durability


In comparison to wood and PVC-U, bi-fold door companies recommend aluminium because it is more robust against weather damage, as well as general wear and tear. The frame of aluminium bi-fold doors can be significantly slimmer than other materials, without reducing its strength. This allows the window panels to illuminate your property with natural light, instead of being obscured by thicker bi-fold door frames.


• Security


In addition to being a highly-resilient material, aluminium bi-fold doors are reinforced with double-glazed windows and multiple locking mechanisms for added security. Bi-fold door companies can install new bi-fold doors at different size properties throughout Sutton and the Surrey areas to replace traditional sliding doors, which are less tamper-proof.


• Quality of Aesthetic


There is less maintenance required for aluminium bi-fold doors, whereas PVC-U and timber are prone to discolouration and warping. When a polyester powder coating is applied to aluminium frames, it will provide a strong, quality finish. Bi-fold door companies also offer a variety of colours to choose from, which can transform a cool aluminium aesthetic into a natural, timber appearance.


• Environmentally-Friendly


Aluminium bi-fold doors are 100 per cent recyclable, which makes it an even more appealing material due to its environmentally-friendly capabilities. As recycled aluminium requires only 5% of energy to be cultivated from its raw form, this helps to conserve the planet and reduce the likelihood of mining for more raw materials instead.


Our Bi-Folding Door Services


No matter what size your Sutton property is, clients can benefit from our services, including fittings for aluminium bi-fold doors at small builds, flats and houses with gardens.


• Our bi-folding door installations are carried out by a team of professionals with more than 20-years of experience in the industry

• We offer a wide-range of bi-fold doors at our showroom in Stoneclot Hill, Sutton

• Aluminium bi-fold doors are available in 2 to 8 panel models, in a range of colours and finishes

• As one of the leading bi-fold door companies in the Sutton area, we offer affordable prices for installations that are expertly fitted


For high-quality aluminium bi-fold doors installed at your property in Sutton or the surrounding Surrey area, call 020 8644 3535.

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